Ant Exploration

The Myrmex team of scientists, educators, and illustrators are all driven by one common goal: to provide students with stories of science – to show them where, when and how scientists perform their research and to engage them in the world of scientific discovery. Here you will find stories of warring species, ancient fossils, fruitful relationships, and science mystery. We’ll see how fire ant queens start new colonies, how weaver ants build treetop nests and how Argentine ants invade entire continents. Join us as explorers on this science mission, and I guarantee you’ll make your own discoveries in the process!

Our team is currently developing lesson plans tied to the anthology – perfect for teachers hoping to use the comic to explore science concepts with their students in the classroom. Check back on the Your Wild Life blog for more soon!

Funding was made possible through the generous support of donors to our Indiegogo campaign. Feel free to contact Andrew Collins on twitter @ascollins for more information on this project!